The Curly Girl Cheat Sheet

curly hair

Struggling to style your curls? We’ve all been there. Curls are definitely a blessing but sometimes can feel like a curse. Here’s a handy cheat shee t on the do’s and dont’s of styling curls!

Don’t skip out on getting your curls professionally cut:

A good haircut is the foundation of helping your curls look amazing. Don’t skip your regularly scheduled haircuts with a stylist who’s well trained in curly hair care.

Do use an old t-shirt to dry your curls:

When you’re drying your curls, give up on rubbing your hair dry with a ¬†terry cloth towel. Terry cloth tears and tugs at your strands which can make them frizzy and damaged. Instead, use an old t-shirt or a microfiber towel to gently scrunch excess water from your hair.

Don’t forget to moisturize:

And then moisturize some more! Curly hair is naturally drier than other types of curls. It can be much more difficult for your scalp’s natural oils to make their way down your strand’s coils, which means you need to help your hair out to keep it healthy. Use a regular curl refresher spray, spritz your curls with water, and use regular deep conditioning treatments to keep curls well hydrated.

Do get your hair cut dry:

When you get your curls cut, make sure you have your stylist cut them dry. This will allow you and your stylist to discuss how your curls fall and coil so they know where and how to make the best cut. Your stylist might work with you to create some layers to create volume and lift, and might take some bulk out by notching your ends. Make sure you tell your stylist how you wear your curls regularly and what products you use.

Don’t forget to cleanse correctly:

While many curlies are now skipping using shampoo, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cleanse your scalp and strands. Utilize a create cowash or no poo cleanser to keep your curls healthy and clean without stripping them of moisture. When you need to break up build up on your scalp, use baking soda to get a deeper, safe cleanse.