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What Your Curls Need To Look Fabulous This Winter

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Curls suffer in the winter. The dry air, lack of moisture and constant exposure to the elements can cause a lot of problems for delicate strands. Don’t let your curls be victim to the colder months; check out these tips for how to keep your curls safe.

Treat them gently:

When it comes to keeping your curls healthy in the winter, make sure you're treating them gently. You might want to consider less harsh cleansers in favor of milder cleansing products. If you haven't tried it yet, consider using cowashes and extra gentle or mild shampoos. Try to limit the amount of times you wash your curls.

Deep condition:

Many of us are guilty of skipping this crucial step in our curl care regime. If you’re not, make sure you’re regularly using deep conditioner to help retain moisture and protect your fine strands. When you do, allow the deep conditioner to sit for an hour under steam heat to get the most effect. Heat will allow your curls to absorb the ingredients.

Invest in a good conditioner:

When it comes to deep conditioners, make sure you pick up something that’s higher quality. Thin, watered down conditioners simply won’t do the job when it comes to taking care of your curls. Look for a product that’s thick to provide good coverage and also has ingredients that will stick like castor oil.

Get a cute hat:

Not everyone is a fan of hats when it comes to their curls. However, you need to make sure your curls are protected from the elements and a good hat can help. Invest in a silk or satin lined cap to help keep curls from getting tangled in the fibers of the hat or tossed in the wind.

Wear a protective style:

Winter is a great time to experiment with different gentle protective styles. Buns, braids and chignons are adorable and there are tons of tutorials out there to help you figure out which look works best for you.


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