Curl Hacks That Actually Work

Have you ever watched a video on hacks and thought “Nah, that doesn’t actually work?” If so, you’re not alone! A lot of the hacks out there aren’t tried and proven, which means you can be taking a bit of a risk when you use them on your delicate strands. Not to worry, these are curly hacks that actually work. Give these tips and tricks a try, and let us know which are your favorites.

Curl Hacks That Actually Work

Blot drying:

Instead of rubbing your curls dry with a terry cloth towel, grab yourself a t-shirt or a microfiber towel. Instead of scrubbing your curls dry, you’re going to gently blot your curls to absorb excess water. You can also gently cup your curls and squish upwards to help remove water and form your curls.


This can work for everything from applying your conditioner to applying product. While you’re in the shower and your curls are sopping wet, try squishing your product upwards into your curls. After rinsing out your conditioner, you can blot away excess water and then apply curl care product by scrunching it in. This makes sure your strands are all covered, and your curls are also taking their natural shape.

Always deep condition:

It can be tempting to skip this part in the process, because it takes some time. However, you’re going to want to make sure you’re always deep conditioning. Apply the deep condition throughout your strands after washing, cover your hair with a plastic shower cap, and allow it to sit for at least sixty minutes. Then, rinse with cool water.

Skip brushing:

While some brushes are advertised as being for curly hair, the truth is there are very few curly girls who can successfully use a brush in their hair. This is because your curly hair is disrupted when you rake a brush through your strands. As a result, your natural curl pattern will be dropped, which makes your hair frizzy and prone to damage. Instead, use a wide toothed comb to gently tackle knots, or better yet, your fingers. Make sure to applying a lot of conditioner to your curls before you even start deep conditioning.

Use hairspray to fight frizz:

If you notice you’ve got some irritating frizz, you might want to try using a bit of hairspray to bring those wild strands back in line. Spray a bit onto your fingers and use it to gild your curls, smoothing down the frizz.

Use low poo shampoos:

While it can be a hard transition, many curly girls find a lot of success from skipping washes, and using low poo shampoos when they do cleanse. This allows your hair to build up natural oils, which hydrate and lubricate. Low poo or cowashes still cleanse and remove buildup, but they leave behind the good stuff your curls need.