What To Do When Your Curl Care Product Doesn’t Work

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When it comes to finding the right curl care products, it can be tricky to find the ones. On occasion, curly girls have been known to accidentally pick up the wrong product. Even if you grabbed a product meant for fine hair when your curls are tight, thick and coiled, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Here are some tips and tricks to take a product that isn’t working, and utilize it to the best of its abilities.

Mix it up: Before you chuck the product, try using it in a different way. You can also try “cocktailing” and mix the product with another one to achieve your desired results. For example, mix a lightweight gel with a moisturizing cream to get hold without crunch.

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Spread the wealth: If you grabbed the wrong product, consider gifting or sharing it with another curly girl! While everyone’s curls are unique, odds are you know someone who might benefit from the product you want to get rid of.

Swap it: As more women embrace their naturally curly hair, there are becoming more and more ways for them to connect. Find a local meet up or swap meet for curly hair products and pass along the products that don’t work for you. Odds are, some other curly wants the products that don’t work for you, and vice versa!

Have you ever found yourself with a product that didn’t work well for you? What did you end up doing with it? For more information, check here and let us know your stories in the comments!