How To Curb Shrinkage In Curly Hair

curly hair

When you’re trying to grow out your curls, it can feel very frustrating to experience shrinkage with your curls. Some women notice their curls shrink up to 8 inches when going from wet to dry, which is annoying to say the least.

What is shrinkage?

Shrinkage occurs when there is a decrease in length when curly, kinky hair dries. As curls dry, they lose the length provided by the water holding them down  and contract.

How can I manage it?

Unfortunately it’s impossible to get rid of shrinkage completely. Our curly friends with type 3c, types 4a, 4b, and 4c seem to experience the most amount of shrinkage due to the tightness of their coils. You’ll still experience some shrinkage but you can start combating it by making sure your curls are healthy and well moisturized. Be sure to schedule regular visits with your stylist to get rid of dead ends and damage.

When you’re styling your curls, you can consider protective styles like Bantu knots to help maintain length. Bantu knots help preserve the integrity of your curls and are super easy for just about anyone to do. This low impact style will give some extra stretch to your curls to increase length without causing damage to your strands or scalp.

If you don’t like the knot look, consider rocking a bun! While your curls are still damp, wrap your hair in a bun high on the crown of your head. You don’t even need to wrap it too tight to enjoy the benefits of stretched curls. Keep your curls in the bun for about 2 hours to allow it to start drying and stretching. This style won’t stretch your curls 100% but it’ll start the process.