The Common Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Curls

Even though it’s becoming increasingly easy to find information on curl care on the internet, many of us still do things that can cause harm to our curls. Here are some common mistakes you could be making with your curls and how you can avoid them.

Product application:

Those instructions on the package of your favorite curl care product are there for a good reason. If you ignore the directions for applications or skip a step, you might find you’re spending a lot of time and money on products that don’t work well. Instead, take the time to read the instructions and follow them correctly to make sure you’re getting the most out of your curl care products. This also goes along with how much product you use. Don’t overuse when a product’s instructions call for a dime sized amount or don’t underuse if it calls for a generous application. You’ll find yourself frustrated by products that won’t do what you want or need.

Detangling dry:

Please tell us you’re not still detangling your curls dry or even worse, using a brush. Detangling dry curls can lead to tearing and long term damage. Since curls are generally dryer than other types of hair, they don’t have as much natural oils to help keep them lubricated. Detangling wet curls that have been well conditioned or pre pooed with oil will create slip, which will help you work through snarled strands. Use your fingers or a wide toothed comb to work through difficult tangles. Start at the ends of your curls and work your way up to the roots, tackling one knot at a time. Don’t be afraid to add more product as needed to help create more slip.

Over manipulating:

Many curlies rely on manipulating their curls to get their desired look. While protective styling, heat tools, and chemical treatments can be ok in moderation, utilizing them regularly can cause some major issues for your curls. When you’re utilizing a protective style, make sure you don’t pull too tightly on your strands or over manipulate your curls. This can lead to breakage or thinning, which is counter productive to growing healthy curls. When you have to use heat tools, make sure to keep the contact with your curls minimal and use a protectant spray. Be sparing with the chemical treatments you use and try to avoid or completely quit using chemical relaxers or straighteners.