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How To Care For Curls In Cold Months

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Care For Curls In Cold Months


It's no secret that the winter months are often quite hard on curls. This is due to the colder temperatures, and dryer weather. As temps drop, so does the moisture level in the air. Curls become more at risk for frizz, breakage, and damage. When adding in scarves and hats, you can quickly find yourself with quite the mess. Therefore, it's important to know how to care for curls in cold months. Winterize your curls with these tips and tricks to enjoy beautiful curls all year round.

How To Care For Curls In Cold Months


How To Care For Curls In Cold Months

Use silk:

Satin and silks are going to be your curl's best friend during the colder month. This smooth fabric doesn't wick away moisture, nor does it pull or tear at strands. A silk pillowcase allows your strands to slip across the fabric without removing moisture or creating frizz. You can also choose to don a silk lined cap or bonnet for overnight wear. Don't forget to get a silk cap for going on to protect your strands before going outside.

How To Keep Curls Hydrated During The Winter

Keep it cool:

While warm water is necessary to help soften and break up buildup, it's important to rinse your curls with cool water. This will allow your strands to close down and keep moisture locked in. Hot water will remove moisture and dry out your strands.

Use a humidifer:

To avoid your strands becoming excessively dry, it's important to maintain a moisturized environment. As a result, you should consider purchasing a home humidifer and running it regularly, particularly overnight. Not only is it great for your skin, your hair will stay moisturized. This means less dryness and difficulty styling strands. Avoid heat while styling whenever possible.

Ways To Keep Natural Curls Well Moisturized

Switch your oils:

Since you don heavier clothes in the winter, it's time to consider slathering your strands with heavier oils. Swap your summer oils for something like shea butter or or castor oil. These thicker oils will keep your strands moisturized, create slip for styling, and also encourage growth.

Deep condition:

Finally, it's important to continue deep conditioning. You might even need to up the amount of deep conditioning you do during colder months. Curls will need extra boosts of moisture, and a good deep conditioner is one way to get that into your strands.

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