The Best Techniques For Growing Long, Strong Curls

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If you’re in the process of growing out your naturally curly hair, you know it can feel like forever before you see any results. If you have kinky coils, it might take you even longer than your other curly haired counterparts (we know, it’s annoying!) to achieve the length you desire. Curls with a tighter coil can be more prone to breakage, meaning that you might need to spend more time managing and caring for your curls. We’re including some of our favorite tips and tricks to help you achieve long, strong curls.

Know your curls: Get to know your curls, what they need to be healthy and what types of products work best. Your goal is to keep your hair healthy, as healthy curls will grow longer and stronger than hair under distress.

Stop breakage: Curls that are damaged or not treated well are more prone to breakage. You can protect curls by avoiding styling or combing dry curls, avoid using a terry cloth towel, sleep on satin pillowcases or use a bonnet, get regular trims and avoid heat styling when possible.

Take care: We can’t stress enough that healthy curls start from the inside out. Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep, avoiding excess stress when possible, drinking tons of water and making healthy eating choices. Make sure you’re keeping your curls moisturized with deep conditioning, protein treatments, leave in conditioners and regular old water.

Consider steaming: For our curlies with coarser curls, consider steaming your hair to help reduce breakage and promote healthful growth. Steaming has a wide variety of benefits, such as increasing blood flow to the scalp, which will enhance growth. Steam will help minimize dry scalp issues like dandruff, and also help curls clump. Steam will also help products penetrate curls more effectively to ensure proper hydration and moisturizing.

Supplement: Even if you’re already eating a healthy diet, you could consider supplementing your curl care regime with vitamins to promote curl growth. Vitamins and supplements like MSM (a form of sulphur) will help curls in their growth phase. Biotin is pretty popular and can help promote healthy, stronger skin and nail growth. Vitamin D also helps by boosting curl growth rates, keeps your scalp free of infectious bacteria and prevents hair loss.