The Benefits Of Trimming Your Curls Regularly

curly hair

When it comes to keeping your curls healthy, there are a lot of benefits of getting regular trims. Many curlies avoid scheduling an appointment with a stylist out of fear of losing length. The truth is that getting regular trims is actually very beneficial to your curls.

In order to keep your curls healthy and happy, consider getting a trim every 8-12 weeks. This will allow your curls to be rid of dead, dull, split ends and allows healthy hair to grow instead. Your curls will naturally begin to split after about 3 months, so you want to get ahead of that curve. While more trims are best, you can also go over 3-4 months if that works better for your schedule. Your curls will always look fresh, clean and tidy.

In addition to getting regular trims, try to avoid products that promise to “repair” split ends. Unfortunately, once the damage is done there is no way to repair splits. Additionally, don’t listen to anyone who says that trims are going to make your curls shorter. As your hair splits further up the shaft, the more your stylist will have to remove, which creates shorter hair.

By removing split and dead ends, you’re going to keep the ends of your curls from thinning out. Thin curls look scraggly, frazzled and are more prone to tangles. Excessive tangles can also occur when curls aren’t regularly trimmed, which can cause damage. You’ll also find that your curls are much easier to style and detangle when they’re regularly and freshly trimmed.

After your curls have been trimmed, you’ll also find your curls look thicker, fuller and healthier. Dead ends and splits can be visible, which makes your curls like thin and unhealthy. You’ll also notice that it appears as though your curls are growing faster, because they look healthier and don’t snap off as easily.

There you have it! If your curls are feeling dry, dull and lifeless, consider scheduling a trim with your stylist soon!