Bad habits that are harming your curls

We all find ourselves falling into bad habits when it comes to taking care of our curls. There are a lot of reasons why you might not be taking the best care of your curls that you can, but that’s ok! These are some bad habits that are harming your curls , but also what you can do to get your curl care routine back on track.

Protein imbalance:

Did you realize that there’s too much of a good thing when it comes to using protein in your curls? Believe it or not, overusing protein can actually lead to an imbalance in your strands. When this happens, your curls won’t be able to take on as much moisture. This can lead your strands to be dry, frizzy, and even brittle. To avoid this, make sure you’re using your protein treatments every 5-6 weeks instead. Additionally, make sure you’re not using products exclusively that have protein in them, as this can lead to protein imbalance as well.

Using incorrect products:

There are a lot of amazing products out there on the market, but you have to remember that not all products aren’t created equally. There are some that are wonderful, and others not as much. Part of the trick is figuring out which products work best for you. Try to investigate each product you have, and look into the ingredients list to make sure what they feature is going to be healthy for your curls. Try to avoid products that feature things like sulfates, parabans, artificial fragrances, or alcohols. All of these things can dry out your curls, which can lead to damage down the road. Try to focus instead on swapping out the less-than-ideal products for ones that have natural ingredients. It’s ok to work on this one product at a time, or as your budget permits.

Not using products correctly:

Finally, once you’ve figured out if the products you’re using for your curls is the right fit, make sure you’re using that product correctly. A lot of us get a new product, but skip the critical part of actually reading the application directions on the back of the bottle. The directions are there for a reason, so give them a look-over. If you’re over or under applying your product, odds are you’re going to find it isn’t working the way you’d like it to. Additionally, you might find that your curls are becoming dry, or falling flat if you’re not using products correctly. Therefore, taking some time to get back to basics with your products, applying them one at a time, and making sure you’re familiar with the application process can make a huge difference.