How To Avoid Triangle Hair

curly hair

Have you ever left the salon after getting your curls cut only to find you’ve fallen victim to the dreaded triangle haircut?  We’ve all been there. Here’s some guidance on how to avoid finding yourself with a head full of triangular shaped curls and to get the haircut of your dreams.

curly hair

How does triangle hair happen?

Triangle hair happens when stylists who aren’t well informed regarding curly hair leave too much hair behind when cutting your curls. Many stylists believe that more weight is necessary, especially on the ends of curls, to hold your strands in place. In order to get your curls to lighten up, you actually need to remove weight from your strands. It seems counter intuitive, but it’s the right move. Additionally, when you request layers, you might need to remind your stylist to avoid long layers, as this will still weigh down your strands.

What to do:

When you’re consulting with your stylist regarding your next haircut, let them know you are looking for a cut that will incorporate shorter layers. Short layers will remove excess weight, which will allow your curls to spring up and become more defined. It doesn’t matter what length your curls are currently; work with your stylist to develop a plan for a haircut that will incorporate shorter layers.

Why shorter layers?

The goal here is to decrease bulk. Shorter layers, as well as chipping into your curls will help achieve the goal of removing excess bulk and allowing curls to spring up. When working with your stylist, request that they do not use thinning shears on your curls. Thinning shears will remove bulk, but takes out the structure of your curls. Ask that your stylist prewash and style your curls before beginning their cut. This will allow them to see how your curls fall. Your stylist should cut your hair dry, this way they can also accommodate for how much length will be lost due to shrinkage.