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8 Things Curly Haired Girls Know To Be True

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you're a curly haired girl, odds are you have some tricks and tips to make sure your curls always look poppin'. If you're like us, you only wash your curls once in awhile, which can lead to some interesting experiences on your non-wash days.  The following are 8 things we all know to be true when it comes to living with and washing (or not washing) our curls.

1. You Adjust Your Wash Day Schedule Based Upon Your Social Life: Since we only wash our hair every few days, we have to plan accordingly. If you have a big event coming up and the likelihood of being photographed is high, you're going to break protocol and wash your curls early.

2. People Don't Recognize You After Wash Day: The day after wash day you're a new woman. Your curls are fresh, bouncy and look so awesome that people don't completely recognize you.

3. Dry Shampoo is Bae: There is no product we love more than our dry shampoo. It saves us from looking greasy on our off days and brings life back to limp curls. Dry shampoo, you complete us.

4. You're Really Good at Updos: People who know you can tell where you are in your wash day cycle by how you're wearing your hair. Day 3 means a ponytail. Day 8, we're looking at braids or topknots. And don't forget to use an extra layer of our one true love; dry shampoo.

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5. You Rock the Hats: By the end of the week, you're sporting a variety of looks all accentuated by your awesome array of hats. For the sporty look, rock a cap with your college letters. For a more emo grunge look, slap on a skull cap. You're a chameleon of looks.

6. You Have Tons of Excuses For Why You Don't Just Wash Your Curls: And they only make sense to you. Hay in your hair? No worries; you'll look like you just came back from Coachella!

7. You Buy Only the Best Haircare Products: When you don finally get around to washing your curls, you use only the finest in curl care products. You know your curls are worth the extra coin you spend.

8. Your Friends Don't Understand Why Wash Day is a Whole Day Event: While you can definitely embrace a wash-and-go look, there are some days where you just have to wait for your curls to dry. You can speed the process up with a diffuser, but blasting your curls with a dryer is a no-go. Unless you want to be battling frizz for days.

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