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How To Make Your Curls Less Greasy

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Our ultimate goal as curly haired girls is to get curls that are well defined, not too frizzy and finally, grease free. In order to keep our curls soft and easy to style, we often utilize products that are heavy in natural greasy ingredients, such as butters and oils. While there are some tricks that work well for curlies with tight, kinky coils, not all curls are created alike. If you have curls that are fine and delicate, heavier conditioners may not work as well for you. You’re also going to want to consider your curls’ porosity. Curls with lower porosity tend to still have their cuticle intact, which makes them less likely to absorb product. Here’s what you can do to help avoid greasy hair.

Skip the prepoo: Using oils or conditioners to prime your curls for washing can weigh them down, leading to grease appearing more quickly. Instead, look for a gently cleansing sulfate and paraben free shampoo. You can follow with a leave in conditioner or light condition in the shower to help keep moisture locked in.

Don’t cowash: If your curls are delicate and tend to get build up more easily, avoid cowashing. The mixture of shampoo and conditioner can create more buildup at the roots and may not get your scalp as clean as you need it. Similarly to prepooing, consider using a gentle, lightly cleansing shampoo or one that doesn’t sud. It will still get your curls nice and clean, leaving behind the good stuff while removing everything your curls don’t need.

Avoid oiling your scalp: While some curly girls need to apply oil directly to the scalp to mimic natural oils, this can make finer curls look limp and greasy. If you’re over cleansing and finding your scalp is dry, cut back on the amount of times you wash, and consider using a gentler oil, such as peppermint essential oils. If you feel as though your curls still need oils to stay hydrated and healthy, you don’t need to give them up entirely. Select a few different kinds to try to figure out what gives your curls what you need without weighing them down.

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