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5 Commandments of Curly Hair Care

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you have curly hair, odds are you've had some disastrous trips to the salon and struggled to get your curls to behave. You're not alone; many of us have struggled with maintaining our curly hair. We've compiled our 5 “commandments” of curly hair care that we swear by and we think you will too!

  1. Avoid chemicals: If you've been straightening or lightening your curls, reconsider. Treatments like relaxers can leave curls distressed, lifeless and prone to frizz. Overuse of lightener can have the same effect on curls by damaging their structure.
  2. Avoid heat: Similiarly to chemical services, overexposing your curls to head can leave lasting damage. Avoid using a flat iron or other heat tools on delicate curls. If you do have to blow dry your curls, use a diffuser and a low heat setting.
  3. Avoid additives: If we've said it once, we've said it hundreds of times; avoid chemicals in your curl care products. Silicone, parabens and sulfates are the bane of a curly girl's existence. Continuously using these chemicals can be counter productive to maintaining your curl's health as silicones will dry out your curls.
  4. Avoid thinning shears: When you go to the salon, make sure to ask for a seasoned stylist who has experience working with curls. If she reaches for the thinning shears, stop her! Your curls should be cut while they're dry so the stylist can see how they respond to the cut. Thinning shears will remove necessary weight to keep curls in their correct forms.
  5. Avoid terry cloth: When drying your curls, make sure to avoid using terry cloth towels. Terry cloth will tear at your fragile curls, roughing up the cuticle and causing frizz. Additionally, consider sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase as opposed to cotton. Cotton will sap your curls of essential moisture, creating dryness and frizz.

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