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Which Shea Moisture Product Is Best For You?

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Best Products For Well Moisturized Curls

It's hardly  a secret that Shea Moisture creates some truly spectacular products. The line boasts tons of all natural, and organically created products. As another bonus, there are several different options for different types of hair. Therefore, it can be somewhat overwhelming to know which choice is best for you. Which shea moisture product is best for you?

 Which Shea Moisture Product Is Best For You?


Which Shea Moisture Product Is Best For You?

Dry/itchy scalps:

Nothing is more aggravating than a dry, itchy scalp. There can be a lot of reasons why this is, but fortunately there's a product for you. The  African Black Soap Line is best for those with dandruff, psoriasis,  or eczema.

Low porosity curls try Baobab & Tea Tree Oils:

This is a newer curl care line, and is usually available at your local box or drug store. As low porosity curls often struggle accepting moisture, it can be crucial to regularly introduce moisture into your strands. This line is all about infusing your strands with maximum hydration.

The Best Oils For Low Porosity Curls

Highly porous curls try Mongongo Hemp Seed Oils:

Those with highly porous curls often struggle with retaining moisture. Therefore, they need their own types of curl care products. This line is designed to seal moisture into your strands.

For thick or coarse strands try Coconut & Hibiscus:

Thick strands can make it difficult to style or manage your natural curls. As a result, it can be helpful to use products specifically designed to strengthen and soften your strands. This product delivers, as it's loaded with coconut oil, silk protein, and and neem oil.

Thin or fine curls should try Fruit Fusion Coconut Water:

Those with fine curls know the issues with styling your strands often come from products weighing down your hair. Therefore, you might a lightweight product that still packs a punch. This product line delivers, and has all you need to make your curls successful.

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