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Which Shea Moisture Product Is Best For You, Too?

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Which Shea Moisture Product Is Best For You, Too?


There are so many great Shea Moisture products out there. We couldn't fit all of the products we loved into one post, so we had to make another. Shea Moisture is a very well loved curl care product line. It has natural and organic ingredients. Additionally, there are tons of great products for every type of curl, or hair issue. Which Shea Moisture product is best for you, too? Give this part II of our post on Shea Moisture a read, and make sure you let us know products which you prefer!

Amazing Cruelty Free Curl Care Lines To Try Today

Which Shea Moisture Product Is Best For You, Too?

Type 4 Hair: Raw Shea Butter

Type 4 hair can be tricky to care for. Therefore, it's crucial to find a product that works great for your curl type. This product line is particularly effective for those with very damaged or transitioning curls. The Shea butter, Argan oil, and sea kelp combine to create a gentle, soothing, and moisturizing treatment. It creates slip, moisturizes, and allows you to safely detangle.

Type 3 Hair: Superfruit Complex

This line is well loved, especially the masque. While it's most recommended for Type 3 curls, it's also used by all types of curly girls. This superfruit infused product line will bring lost elasticity back to your curls to create great bounce. This works really well for those who prefer a good wash and go style.

Dry/ Damaged Hair : Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Dryness and damage happen to the best of us. It's an inescapable part of having curly hair. However, Jamaican Black Castor Oil can be a real rescue remedy for distressed strands. Not only does it encourage healthy curl growth, it also helps repair and protect strands. As an FYI, this line is protein based, and therefore wouldn't be a great choice for curly girls with protein sensitivity in their strands.

Color Treated: Zanzibar Marine Complex

When you color your curls, you need to give your strands some extra TLC. Curls can be very sensitive to chemical treatments, such as color or bleaching. This line works to protect your color from fading, while still being healthy for your curls.


Oily Hair: African Water Mint & Ginger

When you regularly oil your curls, you might notice your scalp becoming oily as well. This is an unavoidable side effect of oil, but it doesn't mean you should stop using this great treatment. Instead, grab some of Shea Moisture's oily hair treatment line. Your scalp will be detoxed, refreshed, and  your strands will thank you as well.

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