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What To Add To Your Castor Oil Treatment

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Castor oil has been widely used for hundreds of years in the beauty industry. It's no wonder; castor oil has many miraculous uses, and one such is to help curl growth. Castor oil stimulates the scalp, encouraging blood flow, which helps healthy cells come in. Finally, it also helps remove excess dandruff, buildup, and product from your scalp, which allows your strands to grow as oxygen reaches your scalp. Therefore, castor oil is absolutely something you should add to your curl care kit. Here's what to add to your castor oil to help get the most out of it. Feel free to mix, match and create your own treatment!

What To Add To Your Castor Oil Treatment

Aloe vera:

If your curels are particularly dry ore frizzy, they might need a boost of moisture. Accomplish this by adding a few tablespoons of aloe vera juice to your castor oil. Apply by massaging it into your scalp, and then pull the remaining oil down throughout your strands to give your curls the benefit of the aloe vera.

Onion juice:

This one sounds weird, but hear us out, onions actually have a lot of benefits, and are an underrated addition to beauty care routines. Onions can help encourage blood flow to your scalp, breaks up dandruff for a healthier, less itchy scalp, and encourages follicle regeneration. This means onion juice can enhance the growth properties of your castor oil.

Vitamin E:

This hair super food ingredients is often used to help strengthen weak or brittle strands. This antioxidant will go deep into the cuticle of your curls, delivers nutrients right to cortex of your curls. It also helps prevent tissue erosion when massaged into the scalp. Remember, a healthy scalp means healthy curls.

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