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Using the Curly Girl Method While Staying Low Waste

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you follow the Curly Girl Method, you've probably noticed by now there are a lot of products included. However, most of those products also come in plastic containers. While useful and convenient, it's hardly a secret that plastic isn't great for the environment. However, having great, healthy hair is also important too. Therefore, here's some great products for using the Curly Girl Method while staying low waste. Give these products a try, and let us know which you love.

Using the Curly Girl Method While Staying Low Waste


For those on a budget and also thinking about the health of the planet, a castille soap bar may be the way to go. Castille soap is affordable, and can be bought in recyclable packaging. One of the great things about castille soap is that it's gentle enough to be multi-purpose. This means you can use it not only on your hair, but also on your face, and body.

Another great option to enhance your shampoo or low poo options is apple cider vinegar. When used as a rinse it can remove build up from hard water, rebalanace your hair, and help your strands maintain their overall pH levels.

Don't forget that even those using the Curly Girl Method can sometimes find themselves in need of a clarifying treatment. When that happens, grab yourself a shampoo bar from Lush. They have plenty of natural and organic ingredient products, that are also low or zero waste. When you order from Lush, they send your items in compostable packaging.


When it comes to cowash, you want something gentle, and effective. Being low waste doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality hair care. Plaine Products delivers with a silky-smooth conditioner that works great for cowashing, or for conditioning your curls. Their products come in an easy to recycle or refill aluminium can. Aluminium is becoming increasingly popular as a product wrapping since it's lightweight, strong, and easy to recycle. If Plaine Products are outside of your budget, there are other options available at your local pharmacy or big box store.


While microfiber towels are amazing for drying hair, there is some concern that they can contribute to plastic shed. Plastic shed is when clothing items shed off microplastics during the wash cycle, and these microplastics are washed downstream, finding their way into bigger waterways. This isn't ideal, but washing your clothes in cold water, using liquid detergent, and trying to minimize the amount of washes you do can help. If you're regularly washing and using a towel, you might want to try to skip washes, or swap for a cotton t-shirt, which will work just as well.


When we want to style our hair, there are a lot of plastics involved. There are frequently plastic combs, clips, and shower caps. Instead, opt for options such as a bamboo comb. Bamboo is one of the more sustainable choices, as it grows swiftly and doesn't require a lot of resources to make a crop. Additionally, you can purchase cloth hair ties, ones with natural elastic, or metal clips instead of plastic.

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