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How You Should be Using Dry Shampoo On Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Is there a curl care product as beloved as dry shampoo? Since curly girls often go days without washing their curls, dry shampoo is a must in the toolbox of curlies everywhere! Dry shampoo works great to add volume, help minimize the look of greasy curls and keeps oils in check. However, there is a right and wrong way to using dry shampoo to get the most out of your product. Are you getting the most out of your dry shampoo?

To use:

dry shampoo


Gently section your curls and spray throughout roots, making sure to target areas prone to oil. Once you’ve sprayed your curls, you should be left with a coating of white residue. Resist the urge to rub it in!

Even though it might go against what you usually do, leave your curls alone! Clip them back or use a headband to hold them back from your face. Your dry shampoo needs time to dry. While it’s sitting, it will be absorbing excess oils. To give it time to work, go about the rest of your getting ready process.

After allowing the dry shampoo to sit for about ten minutes, remove the clip or headband and begin massaging the dry shampoo into the roots of your curls. You’ll want to use the same motion as if you were shampooing in the shower, and apply the dry shampoo to your roots. Do this until there is no white residue left. Once all the dry shampoo has been absorbed, you should be left with happy, volumized curls!

Once you’ve used dry shampoo to minimize oil, you can style as you normally would. Second and third day curls often call for a great updo. What’s your usual go to style?

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