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How and Why You Should Use Oils In Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Hey curlies! Have you ever felt as though your curls are dry and could use an extra boost to make them the healthy, shiny curls of your dream? We've all been there. If you're doing everything right, washing once a week, using deep conditioners and leave in moisturizers but are still experiencing dryness and frizz, you might be missing a step. Oils can help seal in moisture, making sure your curls stay hydrated.

Knowing which oil to pick can be tough, so here are some suggestions on which oils you should use and why you should use them.

Castor Oil:

If you're struggling to grow longer, stronger curls, pick up some castor oil. It promotes curl growth, can help strengthen stressed strands and helps prevent breakage. While there isn't anything that can actually reverse damage, castor oil can help seal down your cuticle to minimize the appearance of breakage.

Coconut Oil:

We're not sure if there's a more diverse oil than coconut oil. You can use to cook with, as scar treatments, as moisturizer for your skin and also as a curl treatment. Regularly using coconut oil in your curls can help them grow faster, stronger, and helps eliminate dry, frizzy curls. If you're prone to dandruff or dry scalp, coconut oil can help correct that as well, not to mention leaving your curls shiny and soft.

Almond Oil:

If you wish you had longer, stronger curls, reach for some almond oil! You'll soon notice your curls growing longer, having more shine and split ends becoming less visible. While almond oil can't repair splits that already exist, it certainly can help prevent them in the future.

Olive Oil:

It's great for more than just pumping up your Friday night pasta! Olive oil can help soften coarse curls, and add back in lost luster. It can help maintain healthy curls, conditions dry strands and helps soften frizz.

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