The Ultimate Gift Guide for Curly Girls

Do your friends and family struggle with ideas of what to get you for the holidays? Picking out the perfect gift for curly haired girls can be a challenge, as everyone has their own styles and preferences. We are loving this selection by YouTuber Lana Summer. Lana compiled a list of amazing gifts for curly haired girls and best yet, they’re all very affordable.

Satin lined caps for curly hair

Satin lined bonnets: If you don’t already have one, put this on your wish list. Bonnets will help your curls stay intact overnight, as well as minimize moisture loss. The bonus? You can wear this outside as a cap. Hoping to score one for the holidays? You can find them here .

Satin lined pillowcases

 Satin lined pillowcase: This is an absolutely essential for curly haired girls (and so luxurious!). Satin or silk pillowcases protect your curls by allowing them to slide across the smooth surface. As an added bonus, satin also minimizes wrinkles on your face, protecting your skin while you sleep. Satin also allows both your hair and skin to retain moisture. Find them here .

microfiber towels for curly hair

Microfiber towels: These towels are a must-have for curly haired girls. Terry cloth towels can pull at your curls, causing frizz and reducing natural moisture. Microfiber allows excess water to be absorbed without creating further frizz. You can bring home this little luxury by buying them here.

Gift basket for curly haired girls

Gift basket: Grab a cute basket, box, pail or jar and fill it with your curly girl’s favorite hair products! Fill it with sample sizes or splurge on full sized bottles of her favorite curl care products. You could also choose all natural products and add recipe cards for DIY hair masques, conditioners and treatments. Looking for some inspiration or to buy a pre made basket? Check some ideas out here .

deva curl diffuser hair dryer

Hair dryer with diffuser: Every curly haired girl needs a good quality hair dryer with a diffuser. Allowing your curls to air dry is best, but in the winter months or when you’re in a rush that’s sometimes just not possible. A diffuser allows curls to dry slowly and evenly, keeping the curl’s shape while minimizing frizz. You can pick one up here .

Looking for more amazing ideas to give to the curly haired girl in your life? Check out Lana’s video below, and let us know what your favorite gifts to give and get are.