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Try This Delicious Honey Rosemary Conditioner Today

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Try This Delicious Honey Rosemary Conditioner Today


With winter here, odds are your curls might be experiencing some of the negative effects. Cold winds, and hot houses can result in moisture being stripped out of delicate strands. Therefore, it's important to moisturize your curls. There are a lot of choices out there for good quality conditioners, but you might want to consider making your own. Try this delicious honey rosemary conditioner today.

The Dos And Donts of Frizzy Curls

Why should you create your own curl care products? There are a lot of chemicals that go into creating commercial products. While there are great all natural products out there, they can be spendy. If you're looking to save money and control what goes into your curls, DIY is the way to go. Additionally, you can customize your products so you know exactly what goes into them. It's a win-win!

Try This Delicious Honey Rosemary Conditioner Today


8 oz raw shea butter

4 oz coconut oil

1/4 cup raw, organic honey

20 drops rosemary oil

2 tablespoons almond or jojoba oil

What to do:

Soften the shea butter  and coconut oil for a few seconds in your microwave without completely melting it. You can also do this on your stovetop. Once the butter and oil are softened, place into a bowl and blend. A handmixer or a stand mixer work well for this. Allow the ingredients to blend until it's a smooth whip.

What You Need To Care For Curls

Once the coconut oil and shea butter are fluffy, mix in the honey and essential oils, followed with the jojoba oil. You can adjust, add, or remove ingredients based upon your individual curl's needs. Additionally, remember that for curlies with finer hair some of these ingredients can be heavy, so this might not be a good regular use conditioner for you. Instead, opt for something lighter to keep curls from being weighed down.

Once the product is blended, store in a jar. For longevity, consider placing in the fridge and removing to soften before you shower. You can also reblend if needed to reincorporate the ingredients. Use following shampoo as you would a store bought conditioner, and enjoy luscious, soft, low frizz curls!

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