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Try This Deep Conditioning Technique Today

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Give Your Curls Max Hydration

While there are a lot of options for taking care of your curls, it's true some techniques are more effective than others. Deep conditioning is essential to a good curl care regimen. Therefore, you'll want to know how to do it effectively to get the most out of your product. Try this deep conditioning technique today. We're sure you'll love your gorgeous, healthy curls!

Try This Deep Conditioning Technique Today


Try This Deep Conditioning Technique Today

Why should you deep condition?

Deep conditioning is critical to good curl care. It infuses curls with intense hydration to keep strands hydrated for days. Not only does moisture help curls maintain their shape, it also helps manage frizz.

How often should you deep condition?

Depending on how thick and coarse your curls are, you might want to consider increasing how often you deep condition. If your curls have a lot of damage or are excessively dry, you'll also want to up the amount of time you deep condition. A good starting place is once a week. You can increase or decrease based upon your individual needs.

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How to use it:

After you purchase or make your own deep conditioner, check out the instructions for use. First, wash your curls with warm water with a gentle cleansing shampoo. Apply the products from roots to tip, making sure to completely saturate all of your curls to ensure the most hydration. After you apply it, allow the deep conditioner to sit for at least 30 minutes, but you can also allow it to say on for several hours. If your curls are particularly damaged, you can do an overnight treatment as well. However, if the product has a higher protein content, you'll need to use it for a shorter time to avoid putting too much protein in your strands.

When the product is in your curls, cover with a plastic shower cap. You can then opt to apply heat. This can be done with a steam hood, or by warming a towel and wrapping it around your head. The heat will open the cuticle, allowing the moisture from the deep conditioner to enter the curl shaft.

Once you're finished with your deep conditioning treatment, rinse it away with cool water. This removes the treatment from your hair, and closes the cuticle back down.


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