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Try These Essential Oils To Stop Curl Fall

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Is there anything more aggravating than realizing you're experiencing excessive curl fall? We don't think so! When you're trying to grow out your curls, having your strands fall out can feel disheartening. While some curl fall is normal, having too much fall out can really put a damper on your curl goals. Therefore, you should try these essential oils to stop curl fall. If you're using any of these, or have a favorite make sure you let us know. We love hearing what you use to help maintain healthy curls.

Try These Essential Oils To Stop Curl Fall

Tea tree:

This oil is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great choice for curly girls experiencing curl fall. This oil works great when added to your favorite shampoo or with a carrier oil. Apply it to the scalp, and massage in. It will help break up debris on the scalp, opening up your pores and allowing your scalp to breathe. Additionally, it fights off the fungus and bacteria that cause issues such as dandruff.

Clary sage:

This is an often reached for oil in the curl care community, and it's easy to see why. It fights the fungus that causes dandruff, helping to eliminate itchy scalps. It helps regulate your natural oil and sebum production, making sure your follicles don't get clogged, which can lead to sluggish growth. It's also recommended to help boost the circulation on your scalp.


Another venerable favorite, rosemary oil has long been used to manage curl fall in the natural curl care community. It's loaded with antioxidants, which help remove and fight toxins in your hair. It also stimulates new curl growth to replace what's lost, by promoting a healthier scalp.


When you're noticing a lot of curl loss, it might be worthwhile to try lavender. This floral scented oil is anti-bacterial, so it helps defeat the funguses that lead to scalp distress. This will improve the overall health and well being of your scalp, allowing for your strands to grow in healthier and stronger. Not to mention, it smells great.


This tingly, refreshing oil helps stimulate the follicles of your hair, encouraging new growth. It will also help improve circulation, meaning your curls are less likely to die and fall out. This is a great oil to add to your favorite shampoo, or to use with a carrier oil for a hot oil treatment. Warm the oil, apply some drops of peppermint oil, and massage it into your scalp using your finger tips. Use slow, circular motions to stimulate your follicles. Pull the oil throughout the rest of your hair, cover with a cap, and allow to sit for 60 minutes, or more if you have a particularly dry or irritated scalp. Wash out with warm water and your favorite curl care shampoo, and follow with a deep conditioner.

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