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Try Some Of Our Favorite Curly Hair Products Part II

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Do you ever find product so good you just have to share them with others? That's how we feel about these products. There were so many good ones, we had to make another post to share them all with you. Try some of our favorite curly hair products part II. You won't be disappointed! Make sure you write in to let us know which are your favorites.

What It's Like To Have Curly Hair

Try Some Of Our Favorite Curly Hair Products Part II

Olaplex No.3.

If you have damaged or color treated curls, this is the deep conditioning treatment you want to pick up.

Pantene Defined Curls Mousse

While most commonly used as a curl enhancer, this is a great product to cocktail with others. Or, you can layer it to create soft, frizz free, defined curls. It works great with mousses and gels alike.

Umberto Gianinni Curl Jelly

This is a low cost and effective gel. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this gel, and it won't leave curls stiff or crunchy.

Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel

When your have low porosity curls, you need something that won't weigh down the strands. However, effectiveness is still important. Therefore, you'll want to grab this gel. It holds without making your curls a clumpy mess.

Bouclème Cotton Curl Towel

For the curly girl who plops, this is the towel you need. As a result, curls will dry in a move even, effective way. The towel is a larger size, making it great for curlies with thick, long coils.

This Is How To Correctly Apply Curl Care Products

My Curly Cailín Heat Cap,

If you're looking for an easy, effective way to provide heat to your curls, grab this cap. After using it, curls will be softer and easier to style. Not to mention, it's environmentally friendly because it an be used repeatedly.

Diva Professional hair dryer

Don't skimp when it comes to purchasing a dryer and diffuser. Good quality products mean your curls will dry more efficiently. As a result, less time under the dryer equates to healthier curls.



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