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The Ultimate List Of Oils For Your Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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There's a lot of information buzzing around about oils. It's not a secret that oils are fabulous for curl care, especially for naturals. However, there can be a lot of confusion surrounding which oils work best for your curls. Therefore, you'll want to check out the ultimate list of oils for your curls. With this list, you'll be able to make an informed decision about which oils are right for your curls.

The Ultimate List Of Oils For Your Curls


The Ultimate List Of Oils For Your Curls

Coconut oil:

A commonly used oil, this one has lots of different purposes. It encourages curl growth, treats dandruff, and encourages a healthy scalp. Additionally, it minimizes frizz. Best for curlies with thicker coils, as it can be heavy.

Almond oil:

This slick oil is lightweight but still packs a punch. It adds shine to frizzy curls, minimizes breakage, and helps manage splits. It also has natural SPF to help protect curls from the sun. It works great as a hot oil treatment applied directly to the scalp.

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Argan oil:

This oil is used in a lot of different curl care products, and it works great when directly applied. It adds shine to distressed strands, while encouraging moisture, and softens. This makes it a great detangling treatment for knotted, snarled curls.

Amla oil:

This is an oil we don't talk about a lot, but it's worth adding to the list. When massaged directly into the scalp it can help with growth, nourishes damaged strands, and improves your overall scalp health. However, it can naturally darken curls so those with lighter strands might want to avoid this oil.

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Grapeseed oil:

When the scalp isn't well moisturized, there's often consequences to your curls. Hair won't grow well, or strands become frizzy, or difficult to manage. Therefore, you might want to add grapeseed oil into your curl care routine. It prevents dandruff, minimizes frizz, and is a natural heat protectant.


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