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The Ultimate List Of Oils For Curls Part II

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Give These Oils A Try For Softer, Smoother Curls

There are a wide array of oils out there for curly hair. There were too many to put on one list, so we thought we'd bring your a part II. This is the ultimate list of oils for curls part II. Check this list out, and hopefully you'll be able to find which oil is right for your curls.

The Ultimate List Of Oils For Curls Part II


The Ultimate List Of Oils For Curls Part II

Castor oil:

This is a tried and true oil. It works especially well for those with thick, kinkier coils as it's quite thick. When applied to the scalp through massage, it promotes blood flow. This allows your scalp to generate healthy cells, which creates hair growth. Castor oil works great to prevent damage, as well as frizz, and breakage.

How Often To Use Castor Oil On Curls

Jojoba oil:

This oil is a bit lighter, so it works great for curly girls with finer curls. If your strands and scalp are very dry, you're going to want to use this oil as a massage. You can also apply it to your brush, or your palms and work it through your strands. You'll find your hair is stronger, you have less loss, and shinier strands.

Olive oil:

When it comes to curl care oils, there are a lot of greats out there but this is one of the best. It's lightweight, but still packs a punch. Apply it throughout damp strands, cover your curls, and apply heat for 30 minutes to allow the oil to infuse your strands. Your curls will be softer, shinier, and much easier to manage. It also helps destroy dandruff as well.

Avocado oil:

For curls that are particularly dry or damaged, you need to bring in a heavy hitter. This is when you need to grab yourself some avocado oil.  Curls will be repaired, shinier, and have less frizz. Apply it with your regular conditioner, allow the strands to sit under heat before rinsing with cool water.

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