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The Proper Way To Moisturize Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Proper Way To Moisturize Curls


The Proper Way To Moisturize Curls

When it comes to taking care of curls, there are a lot of dos and don'ts out there. It can be a bit daunting to weed through it all, but fortunately we're here for you! Therefore, if you're wondering why your curls are always dry, it could be that your strands are in need of more moisture. Here's the proper way to moisturize curls. Give these tips a try, and enjoy smooth, moisturized, shiny curls!

The Best Products For Well Moisturized Curls

Learn your curl's porosity:

Understanding the porosity of your curls is the first step in managing your strands. Depending on your curl's porosity, you'll need to adjust the products you use, as well as how often you moisturize your strands.

Go water based:

Selecting the right products is really important when it comes to taking care of curls. Therefore, you'll want to check out the ingredient list to make sure you aren't putting anything damaging on your delicate strands. Select organic, all natural products, as well as those that are highly moisturizing. Water should be listed as one of the first three ingredients to make sure it gives you all you need.

A good sealant:

After your curls are moisturized, it'll be necessary to seal down the cuticle. This ensures moisture stays locked in, rather than being allowed to escape into the atmosphere. This can lead to frizz. Good sealants include butters and oils. You can purchase products containing these ingredients, use straight oils or butters, or create your own.

How Frequently To Use Castor Oil On Curls

Deep condition:

Making sure you're utilizing deep conditioning treatments is really important for proper curl maintenance. A good, hydrating deep conditioner should be included in your weekly wash routine. Once curls have been washed, make sure to apply the deep conditioner from roots to ends. Cover your curls with a plastic cap or a steam hood and allow the product to sit with heat for 30-60 minutes. After you're finished, rinse out with cool water, and apply a leave in conditioner.


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