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The one curl cream you absolutely must have

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you;re looking for a way to simplify your curl care routine and use less products, then this article is for you. Most curly girls have a treasure box full of tried and true curl care products, or rejects that they bought that just don't work for them. However, having a lot of products doesn't fit everyone's lifestyle. If you're interested in streamlining your curl care routine, then this is the one curl cream you absolutely must have.

So what is this dream product? Blogger The Pink Bananas can't stop raving about Oligo Professional Calura Curl Balm Baume – 8.5oz (250ml). After discovering the product one day while scrolling Facebook, she found herself lured into purchasing it by the product's promise of beautiful, well-defined curls. Even though she was a bit jaded after lots of other curl creams had failed to deliver, she made the plunge and purchased herself a bottle.

She was not disappointed. After washing her curls and applying a generous amount of the gel to her curls, she followed up with a diffuser. Once her hair was dry, she noticed her strands not only had great definition, they were also soft and shiny. In addition to working wonders on her curls, she was pleased to discover that her new favorite curl cream is also Curly Girl Method approved. This means its free of the artificial ingredients that can dry or distress strands. She has finer curls, and found this product worked well for her without dragging down her strands. If you give this product a try and fall in love, make sure to let us (and other curly girls) know in the comments.

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