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The Golden Rules Of Curl Care

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Golden Rules Of Curl Care

The Golden Rules Of Curl Care


There’s no one right or wrong way to take care of curls. However, there are some ways that are more favorable than others or might yield a better result. Regardless, it’s important to know the golden rules of curl care so you can take the very best care of your beautiful strands!


Use castor oil to massage your scalp several times a week. Castor oil will encourage healthy blood flow to your scalp, which helps strands grow faster and longer. Additionally, massaging your scalp will break up and remove dead skin cells, build up, and promote cell regeneration.


Shea butter:

If you haven’t started using Shea butter in your curl care routine yet, we suggest getting on board! Shea butter is often used to moisturize dry and stressed strands. It also serves an excellent sealant to help lock moisture in.


We can’t say this enough! Healthy curls start from the inside out. In order to develop the cells necessary to growing hair, your body needs to be hydrated and fueled. This means drinking several glasses of water daily and eating a balanced diet.


Don’t pick up a brush and start tearing through knots. Instead spend time to work through each knot individually. Use an oil or a conditioner to help loosen up strands and create slip before tackling those tough knots.


Before sleeping or heading outside into the elements, consider covering your curls. The wind from outside and sweat from sleeping can all cause your curls to become frizzy or fall flat. Protect them with a satin bonnet or silk lined cap.


There are times when a wash and go just won’t do. For when your curls need a little extra sheltering consider a low manipulation protective style. Don’t over pull or over manipulate you curls; instead gently tie your hair back in braids, knots, or twists.

How To Help Your Curls Grow

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