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The Curly Girl’s Guide To Coconut Oil

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Curly Girl's Guide To Coconut Oil


Have you ever heard about coconut oil? Odds are, you probably have. Even though coconut oil is having a serious moment, it's been used by curly girls for years. This moisturizing oil works great on a variety of curl types, especially those with thick, kinky coils. This is the curly girl's guide to coconut oil. Try these tips today, and let us know how it works for your curls.

The Curly Girl's Guide To Coconut Oil

For growth:

If your curls are slow to grow, you might consider adding in coconut oil to your regimen. To get the full effects, you can create your own curl mask using 1/2 cup coconut oil and blending it with 15-20 drops of rosemary essential oils. Apply to damp curls, and massage into your scalp with your finger tips. Cover, and allow to sit for 30 minutes before rinsing out with warm water and a gentle shampoo.

https://www.curlyhair.com/hair-products/aloe-vera-curl-care-masks/For dandruff:

The fungus that causes dandruff can be difficult to get rid of. However, this DIY remedy can help eradicate it quickly. Combine 1/2 cup of coconut oil, 3 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and 15-20 drops of tea tree essential oil. Massage into your scalp using slow, even circles. This will break up the dandruff, remove build up, destroy the fungus, and hydrate.

Split ends:

If you're trying to grow out your curls, splits can seriously cramp your style. While you can't reverse the damage done, you can minimize future split ends. To create a hydrating curl mask, mix 1/2 cup of coconut oil, 1 egg, and 2 tablespoons of raw, organic honey. Slather it throughout your strands, focusing primarily on the ends. Cover, and allow to sit for 30-60 minutes before rinsing out.

DIY Treatments For Your Dry Curls


Knots can be difficult to manage, and can lead to damage, Therefore, we want to prevent knots and help work through tangles effectively. This can be done by creating a detangler. Mix together 1/2 cup of coconut oil, 1/4 cup of your favorite moisturizing conditioner, and 15 drops of lavender oil. Apply generously to damp strands, and use a wide toothed comb to remove any tangles.


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