The Best Detanglers For Curly Hair

The Best Detanglers For Curly Hair

Detangling is one of the most painstaking and annoying parts of taking care of curls. However, it’s absolutely essential. Skipping out on detangling can lead to snarls, knots, and eventually breakage down the line. There are a few ways to safely incorporate detangling into your curl care process and a good detangler can help. Here are the best detanglers for curly hair.

The Best Detanglers For Curly Hair

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Extra Moisture Detangler :

This product is certified organic, as well as fair trade, which makes it great for the eco conscious curly girl. This detangler will saturate your curls with heavy duty moisture, creating the best slip to help dislodge even the worst knots.

By Made Beautiful Leave In Detangling Conditioner :

This detangler comes in a convenient spritz bottle, which makes it great for targeted detangling. If you have some specific problem areas, you can target the knots specifically.

By Made Beautiful Leave In Detangling Conditioner :

Looking for an inexpensive and easy to find option? Look no further than this detangler. It works effectively to help create slip and doesn’t cost a fortune. Win win!

Devacurl No Comb Detangling Spray :

Devacurl is a tried and true product line that has many passionate followers. Their detangling spray is no exception. Simply spray it on and let it works its magic on even the toughest of snarls and tangles.

Naturally Smitten Tangle Free Pudding :

Have you ever had a tangle you just couldn’t seem to get rid of without tearing or pulling your hair? That’s something you want to avoid to keep damage to a minimum. For those particularly tough knots you can slather up your strands with this tangle free pudding for a luxurious detangling treatment.

Oyin Handmade Oh My Glide Detangling Spray :

This is another great option, especially for girls with kinky coils. It creates excellent slip to help guide snarls out of strands.

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