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Products To Use With The Curly Girl Method

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you use the The Curly Girl Method to get great curls daily, you probably already know there are certain products that are considered a better fit for this routine than others. Since this method calls for the removal of shampoo and other harsh chemicals from your curl care routine here are some approved of products you can get to replace your other products. If your current curl care products aren't on this list, that's ok! Do your research and select which products work best for you. Use this list as a guide to help you figure out what direction you should go in.

Products to Avoid:

Let’s start with what you shouldn’t use. If any of your shampoos have any of these ingredients; sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, and sodium laureth sulfate, you need to toss them. Avoid any conditioners with silicone and chuck styling products that contain silicone, parabens, and phthalates. These ingredients are harsh chemicals which can be very drying and ultimately damaging to curls. Avoid them to help your curls stay healthy.

Products to Buy:

Luckily there are lots of great products out there you can use. Instead of the ingredients listed above in the do not buy list, look for products that are certified organic or contain all natural ingredients. This way you know you aren't coating your strands with a bunch of damaging, drying ingredients. A good, moisturizing product will contain ingredients like Shea butter, silk proteins, wheat germ, sorbitol, and aloe Vera, amongst others.


DevaCurl No Poo

RenPure Original Argan Oil Moisture Rich Conditioner

Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Gentle Cleansing Shampoo


Beyond The Zone Noodle Head 2 in 1 Curl Cleansing Creme

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser

Herbal Essences Naked Conditioning Cleanser

Styling Products:

Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock

DevaCurl Light Defining Gel

Ion Curl Solutions, Conditioning Curl Whip

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