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Products That Will Make You Love Your Curls Again

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Are you feeling frustrated with your curls? If so, it might be time for a little product refresh. With spring being just around the corner, now is the time to revisit what you're using in your curls and consider some new options. These are products that will make you love your curls again. If you're already using any of these, make sure you let us know which are your favorites!

Products That Will Make You Love Your Curls Again

Acure Vivacious Volume Shampoo With Peppermint & Echinacea:

If your strands are particularly dry and flat, you're going to want to order some of this peppy peppermint shampoo. The peppermint will reinvigorate your scalp, which will increase blood flow and circulation.

DPHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Masque:

We love us some ACV for natural curl care, and this masque takes this holistic treatment to the next level. It works wonders on dry, damaged curls to help restore strands to their natural luster and shine. It works to repair damage without weighing down your delicate strands.

RUSK Designer Collection Wired Flexible Styling Crème:

Every curly girl needs a good quality styling cream in their curl care arsenal, and this one delivers. This cream offers gentle flexibility, so your curls will hold without creating that dreaded crunch. You can use it on dry hair to smooth down flyaways, or on wet curls to as a blowdrying cream to keep frizz under control.

Bounce Curl Light Creme Hair Gel Lotion:

When curls are falling flat or are in need of enhancement, you're going to want to grab a bottle of this curl hold lotion. If you have finely textured curls, you're only going to need a small amount of this gel, or it might weigh down your curls. You'll get great lift at your roots, and it works great for all curl types.

LIVING PROOFPerfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo:

This product is a bit on the spendier side, but if you're interested in a great quality dry shampoo, this is the one to buy. It cleans your curls by eliminating excess oil, as well as minimizes product build up. If you find your curls tend to get weighed down throughout the week, this can help give some volume back to your strands. It's great for all types of curly hair.

LIVING PROOF No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream:

When your curls are feeling out of control, this styling cream is the way to go. It smooths down distressed strands to great glossy, easier to manage curls. It conditions while it seals in moisture, so your curls will be much less prone to frizz. This would be a great product to use particularly during summer months. It has a smooth, creamy formula that applies easily, and a light citrus scent.

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