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The Products You Need to Help Stop Curl Breakage

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you have curly hair, you know how irritating breakage can be. By nature, curls tend to be more delicate due to their pattern as well as dryer due to natural oils. Curls go through a lot every day, and this can also lead to breakage. It can seem next to impossible to get breakage to stop and while you cannot undo breakage, you can help stop and prevent it. These 5 products are great for helping keep breakage from happening and continuing. Have you tried any of these? If so, let us know!

shea moisture


SheaMoisture Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Masque:

SheaMoisture is a tried and true curl care line, and this product will help your curls stay long and strong. If your curls are prone to breakage, it will help strengthen to prevent further breakage. While you can't repair damage, you can certainly help prevent it in the future.

mineral mud


Saphira Mineral Mud Mineral Hair Healing Treatment:

If your curls have been put through the ringer (we're thinking coloring, heat treatment, straightener) odds are they'll need a little extra boost for protection. This hair treatment is a little pricier, but will last a long time and adds moisture, as well as protein.



BrioGeo Dont Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask

If you're despairing of ever having healthy curls again, don't worry about it! This mask works wonders on those curlies who've chemically treated their hair but also is a miracle worker for any dry, distressed curls. You can pick up this luxurious curl treatment right at Sephora.



Cantu Shea Butter Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment:

If you're not interested in spending a huge amount of coin on a curl care mask, Cantu products deliver without costing a fortune. This product will help you grow long and strong curls. You can use this product throughout your curls, but also work it into your scalp to give an extra moisturizing boost.



Mielle Organics White Peony Leave In Conditioner:

When you're taking care of breakage prone curls, you also need to consider utilizing a leave in conditioner for daily curl care. If your curls are breaking due to hormonal imbalances, the white peony in this leave in will help correct the imbalance. The light formula keeps your curls from being weighed down but its still effective enough to be used regularly.

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