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More products to try for great curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Curls can be a bit tricky to take care of. At some point in their lives, most curly girls have had some moments of frustration with their strands, and just wished their hair would behave. Fortunately, when you're using the right products, those moments of irritation can be turned quite swiftly into moments of loving your curls once again. Here are some more products to try for great curls. If you've tried any of these products, make sure you let us know.

More products to try for great curls

Cantu Leave-In Conditioner:

When you have thicker curls, you know it can take more to combat your curls. That's where Cantu comes in. This thick and luxurious leave in conditioner will make sure your curls are moisturized and hydrated, without leaving your strands feeling greasy or dull.

Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel:

When you have thick, kinky coils, you know having a good gel is what's going to make or break your style. Fortunately, you don't need to spend a bundle to get your hands on a great product. This Eco Styler comes in a huge pot, so you get tons for not a whole lot of coin. It works best when applied to sopping wet curls.

Cantu Curl Activator:

This product is best suited for finer, wavy type curls. Apply it throughout and scrunch upwards for a product that provides light hold, and keeps your curls on track. It works really well for the spring and summer months, when your curls might need a bit less moisture.

Turbie Twists:
How many times have we said not to blast your curls dry with a hair dryer? Probably more than we can count! However, that doesn't mean you don't need to get your curls dried promptly. When you need your curls up and off your neck, as well as them to try in place, reach for one of these Turbie Twists. These work great for overnight plopping, or to help swiftly absorb extra moisture.

DevaCurl DevaDryer & DevaFuser:
While this dryer and diffuser are definitely on the higher end, they've been designed specifically for drying curls. The hand shape cups your curls like your own hand would to make a natural drying process.

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