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How To Make Your Own Curl Cleanser

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Once they decide to commit to rocking their natural curls, many curlies give up shampoo. Shampoos can often be loaded with harmful chemicals that can strip the natural moisture from your curls. To avoid this, many curlies are opting to make their own curl care products. Here's a wonderful DIY cleanser you can make that won't damage your curls.

Many curlies notice that when they use shampoos and overuse curl care products, their curls tend to get weighed down, loose definition and can be dry. This can be a result of curls being stripped from the chemicals in their shampoos. Curls can also get pulled down by having too much product or build up in their hair.

In order to help combat this issue, you can try this cleanser, which you can alternate with your cowash to help cleanse and refresh curls. Detoxifying and removing build up will make curls healthier, more accepting of products and help them become better defined. If curls are overwhelmed with build up, they will lose their shape and won't grow as well.

What to do:

Mix 1 quart of boiling water with 1/4 cup baking soda. Yes, it is seriously that easy.

You can customize your cleanser by adding apple cider vinegar or essential oils. If you're struggling with build up, dryness or dandruff, a little tea tree oil can help break up any irritation on the scalp. Lavender, chamomile and rose oils all have lovely scents and are very soothing to the scalp.

Allow the mixture to cool and store in a spray or pump bottle.

How to use:

When it's time to cleanse your curls, use your cleanser instead of shampoo or cowash. Wet curls completely and work the mixture through your hair. Make sure to pay special attention to your scalp by massaging the mixture in to encourage scalp stimulation. This will break up any build up on your scalp, help unclog pores and encourage blood flow. Rinse completely with cold water to close your cuticles back down.



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