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Low waste curl care products to try

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you're in the process of streamlining your curl care routine to reduce waste, you're probably going to want to think about your curl care products as well. While a lot of products are amazing, they also can product a lot of waste as well. Therefore, here are some great low waste curl care products to try. Give these products a go, and let us know if you love them, or if you have any you'd recommend.

Low waste curl care products to try

Bar None:

If you have high porosity curls, you're going to want to grab this shampoo bar. It's loaded with hydrolyzed wheat protein, and it also creates great slip for those who have curls prone to tangles.

Tree Naturals:

Those with kinky, coily curls might need something a little extra to help work through tangles or knots. Enter Tree Naturals shampoo bar. This product isn't completely waste-free, but it is low waste. It's also a Black and woman owned brand, and is working on the sustainability issue.

A Simple Planet:
Not only is this product completely waste-free, it's also specifically designed for curly hair, so what's not to love? These light-weight products are also highly moisturizing, and they come in aluminium bottles that can be refilled or recycled. These products seem to work best for wavy or looser, finer curls.


While these products do come in plastic, the company is working on streamlining their plastic packaging. They also use green shipping practice, and are committed to recycling packages mailed back by their customers. Their products are great for wavy curls, but works amazing for kinky coils.

A Simple Planet’s flaxseed styling gel:

For those who love a good flaxseed gel for hold and control with their curls, look no further. This gel does have a light hold, but that makes it great for touch-ups throughout the week, and your strands won't be dragged down.

Ecoslay's Orange Marmalade Gel:

This product has a high hold, making it great for thicker, heavier curls when you need your product to hold its shape. It has all natural-ingredients, including aloe vera for extra moisture.

Dr. Bronner’s Hair Creme:

This company makes a wide array of products, including some curl care items. Their packaging is either recyclable, or made from recycled plastic. While this leave in conditioner can be a bit heavy for waves or finer stransd, diluting it with water makes it work well.

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