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The Ingredients You Must Avoid For Healthy Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The Ingredients You Must Avoid For Healthy Curls


It's no secret that taking care of your curls can feel like a lot of work. This is partially because it can be daunting to sort through all the ingredients lists for all the products that are on the market. Like all products, there are some that are better for your hair than others. These are the ingredients you must avoid for healthy curls.

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When deciding what to put into your hair, it's important to read the back of the bottle carefully and thoroughly. Therefore, you need to be well versed in what is acceptable and what isn't for your delicate strands. Curls aren't like other hair types. Their coiled structure makes it more difficult for natural oils to travel down and lubricate. As a result, your strands will need more assistance to become better hydrated. You'll want to source out a product that contains water as one of the first three ingredients.

However, there are some ingredients you'll need to avoid, so keep on reading!

The Ingredients You Must Avoid For Healthy Curls
Isopropyl alcohol:

This is extremely drying to your curls, and strips away moisture.

Mineral oil/petroleum:

When coated with this ingredient, curls are unable to absorb any type of moisture. Curls that don't absorb moisture won't be hydrated.


This artificial ingredient also blocks moisture from penetrating the curl shaft.

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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate:

When you wash your strands, you might notice your shampoo creates a rich lather. This is SLS at work, and while it removes dirt and build up, it also removes natural oils, as well as moisture. Therefore, it's best to skip it when washing your strands.

Artificial ingredients:

While selecting curl care products, it's best to avoid any type of artificial ingredient. These will be listed as synthetic colors or synthetic fragrances. As a result, you'll want to skip out on those ingredients in favor of all natural ingredients such as essential oils, or plant based colors.

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