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How To Use Gel In Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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How To Use Gel In Curls


Most curly gurls avoid using gel in their hair. They've either had a bad experience with it, or have heard that gel can leave curls dried out and crunchy. This can be true if gel isn't used correctly. However, if you know how to use gel in curls, you've got another great product up your sleeve for curl care and management.

How To Use Gel In Curls:

Using gel is a two-step process. You can't just slather it on and go. While you will originally find gel makes curls feel crispy or crunchy, you don't stop with that step. In order to get to the second step of this process, where you break the crunch on your curls to allow soft, defined curls to emerge, you will need to patient.

What to do:

Use a curl cream to define your curls while they are still soaking wet, such as directly out of the shower.

Use a t-shirt or microfiber towel to scrunch excess moisture from your curls. Once your curls are damp but no longer soaked, you are ready to use the gel.

Apply a quarter size amount of gel (more or less depending on how much hair you have) to your palm. Rub the gel between your palms to thin it out before applying it to your curls. Apply the gel to the ends of your curls. Scrunch the gel upwards into your curls. You can also smooth the gel down over your curls using the prayer motion to cover a broader amount of curls.

Now, you have to wait. This is where most curly girls lose patience. Use a diffuser to speed the process along or allow your curls to air dry. Once your curls are completely dry, gently scrunch the curls again. This will help break the gel casing on the strands, which will release the curls but allow them to stay in shape. You can also use a soft t-shirt to help with the art of the process.

Flip your curls over and fluff them gently with your hands. You can add a bit of curl refreshing spray or hair spray to help them hold their final shape.

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