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How To Use Cantu’s Curl Activator

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you're looking for a low priced product that works wonders, consider picking up a bottle of Cantu's Curl Activator. Cantu provides a wide variety of products for curly hair, and is an inexpensive, yet effective curl line. It's available online, as well as at most major retailers. Here's how to use Cantu's Curl Activator. Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

How To Use Cantu's Curl Activator

Understanding all the terminology when it comes to taking care of curls can be tough. For example, a curl cream sometimes gets confused with leave in conditioners. However, Cantu's Curl Activator is actually more of a styling cream. So while it does offer hydration, like a leave in conditioner, it goes above and beyond. Cantu's Curl Activator helps lock curls into place, while retaining moisture. Therefore, you'll enjoy curls that are easier to style, and hold their shape.

You can choose to use this product solo, or by cocktailing it with another product. Start with soaking wet curls, and begin by sectioning your curls out into even sections. Take a small amount of product, and smooth it throughout each section. You want to make sure each curl is completely covered with the product. After you've covered all your curls, scrunch each curl in your hands, working your way throughout your hair.

Flip your curls over onto an old, soft t-shirt and gently scrunch your curls again. This should remove any excess water. Then, plop your curls over and wrap them up in the t-shirt. Allow your curls to dry until about 80%. You can then allow your curls to air dry, or to use a diffuser to finish drying. Your curls will be soft, easy to style, and smell great!

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