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How to pick the right products for your curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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The internet is absolutely awash in information about products for curly hair, and there are even more products out there on the market. While curly hair didn't have nearly as much traction about ten to fifteen years ago, more and more product developers are hearing the call and answering. However, that means where before there weren't enough options, now there are tons to wade through. It can be a bit of an overload when you're trying to figure out what products are right for your curls.

Like most people, you probably head online and do some internet research. You might even check out some of your most frequented social media platforms to see what the latest craze is in haircare. Even though it can be really tempting to go with whatever product your favorite blogger or influencer is recommending before you click that buy it now button, take a minute to consider. Does this person have the same type of curls as you? Are they talking about how the product works, and what type of hair it's meant for? Here's how to pick the right products for your curls, so you know you're getting the best you can for your money.

Are you curls damaged? If so you might need more moisture and damage support. Make sure you're selecting products that list water in the top three ingredients, and are designed to help hydrate and moisturize.

If your strands are fine, or low density, they will need a different kind of support than other curls. For example, you'll need to make sure you're using less of a lightweight products, and will most likely need less moisture.

Those with thick and high density hair will need heavier and higher amounts of products. These products will be too heavy for finer types of curls.

All curl types will need to clarify regularly. Over time, your strands will become weighed down with product and natural oil build up. This will make it difficult for moisture to penetrate into your strands, and for your curls to absorb and utilize your product. Regular clarifying will make sure this doesn't happen.

While there are a ton of different styling products out there, once you find the one that works for your curl type, odds are it will be the only one you need. If you do need to layer products, make sure “it's something lightweight first like a serum or mousse, followed by a gel or custard.” Before giving up on a product, try it a few times. Sometimes it takes a few tries before a product can work.

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