How To Make Your Own Curl Care Cream

How To Style Your Curls Perfectly Every Time

Do you ever wish you had more say about what you put into your curls? Well, then today’s your lucky day! When it comes to taking care of curls, product is key. However, it can be tricky to find a curl cream that works perfectly for your curls. Therefore, it might be worth the try to create your own curl cream. This is how to make your own curl care cream. Try this DIY product, and let us know what you think!

How To Make Your Own Curl Care Cream

How To Make Your Own Curl Care Cream


8 oz of natural Shea butter

4 oz coconut oil

1/2 cup aloe vera gel

1 tablespoon each of jojoba oil, and Jamaican black castor oil

What to do:

This product couldn’t be any easier to create. Soften the Shea butter and coconut oil in the microwave, but don’t melt it. Place the butter and coconut oil into a bowl and use a handmixer to blend it until it’s whipped smooth and airy. Then, add in the aloe vera gel, jojoba, and castor oils. Blend until completely smooth.

If you’d like, you can add essential oils to customize this curl cream. Oils such as peppermint, tea tree, rose, sandalwood, or lavender are all helpful for various scalp ailments.

After the product is blended, scoop it out and store in a mason jar, or other sealable container. When you’re ready to style your curls, apply throughout freshly washed strands. Scrunch your strands upward, to ensure all your strands have been covered with the product.

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