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How to hack your curly shampoo

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Is your shampoo just not quite cutting it? If your shampoo isn't working as it should, you might consider giving it up an upgrade. Rather than throwing out a bottle of expensive shampoo, there are some things you could add to your shampoo. Here's how to hack your curly shampoo. Give these inexpensive fixes a try to get the feel of a customized shampoo that's sure to make your strands really pop.

How to hack your curly shampoo

Rose water:

If you're having issues with a dry, itchy scalp, you might try adding some rosewater to your regular shampoo. A capful to your shampoo bottle can help minimize itch, help soothe a dry scalp, and add shine, as well as help encourage growth. It also smells great!

Lemon juice:

After some time, curls can be come dull and suffer from build up. If you're noticing this, or perhaps some dandruff, you might add some lemon juice to your shampoo. Fresh is best, so grab a couple of lemons and start squeezing. A couple tablespoons will do. You'll notice your scalp is refreshed, and your curls might become shinier.

Raw honey:

Honey is perfect for more than just an addition to your tea. Honey can help manta in your scalp's overall health and wellbeing. It kills the bacteria that creates dandruff, adds lost moisture back in, and helps your curls become shinier. Add a couple of tablespoons and mix it in to enjoy the benefits. You can add more as necessary to get the full effects.

Aloe vera:

What can't aloe vera do? It's truly a beneficial thing to add to your shampoo. Add it to your shampoo to help cleanse your curls, as well as help keep your curls from becoming damaged. If you're suffering from an itchy scalp, dandruff, or other scalp issues, consider adding some fresh aloe vera juice or gel to your shampoo. Massage it into your scalp to help cleanse your strands.

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