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How to care for flaxseed gel

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you like to make your own curly hair products, you're in the right place! Previously, we talked about how to make your own flaxseed gel for curly hair. Not only is it a super simple recipe, it's low waste, and economical to make. You can make as large or as small a batch as you'd like. However, there are some easy tips and tricks for helping keep your flaxseed gel its best, as well as ways you can customize it for your own individual curls. Here are a few below.


First things first, start with storage. You'll want to place your freshly made gel into a glass jar or a squeeze bottle, and put it in the fridge between uses. Since it's an organically made product without preservatives, it will go bad in about two weeks. Keep an eye on your gel, and when it begins to get cloudy, discard and make a new batch.

Daily use:

Yup, you can absolutely use flaxseed gel in your curls for daily use! It provides a medium to strong hold, so you may need to experiment to figure out how much you need in your curls, and avoid going too heavy at first to not weigh your strands down.

Overnight soak:

If you need a strong hold gel, you can soak your flaxseeds overnight to create a stronger hold gel. However, it's not recommended to use your flaxseeds more than once to make a gel, as the second batch won't hold as much strength as a first-made batch does. As the gel chills after being boiled, it will great that thick, gel like consistency you're used to from store-bought gels. However, if you over boil the gel, it will become too thick to use on your curls, so watch it carefully during the boiling process.

Customize it:

If you want, you can customize your gels with scents and essential oils that offer different benefits. For dry curls, you could consider lavender oil. Those with a dry, itchy scalp might like lemon or tea tree, or even peppermint. For a fresh scent, try some amber, sandlewood, or rosewater.

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