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Here’s why your curly products aren’t working

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you spend a lot of time and money on your curl routine, it can be wildly frustrating when they don't work. Curl products can be expensive, and if you've spent a lot of time on your routine, having it not work can be enough to make one want to give up on your curl care journey. However, not all hope is lost! Here's why your curly products aren't working, and what you can do about it.

Here's why your curly products aren't working

They aren't the right ones for you:

No one wants to hear that the product your favorite curly influencer swears by (and that you might've dropped a ton of cash on) isn't the right one for you. However, that might just be the problem. All curly hair is different, and so what works for your mom, friend, or favorite YouTuber might not work for you. The way to correct this is to make sure you're reading reviews about products, and doing your best to make sure the products that you buy are the ones best suited for your curls.

Your curls need to some TLC:

If your curls aren't holding their shape, or your products don't seem to be working, it could be a sign your curls need some TLC. Over time, build up from product coats your curls, resulting in your strands being unable to absorb more of the product. As a result, your strands will fall flat, and your curl shape won't be as nice. Therefore, you're going to want to get a good clarifier to remove that excess buildup. This can also occur when your strands are in need of a really good deep conditioning treatment, as your strands might be too dry and in need of some moisture. Finally, if you're finding you've corrected these other issues, it could be your curls are in need of a trim to remove dead or split ends.

The ingredients aren't working together:

While you may have a few amazing products in your curl hair routine, it could be that they just aren't designed to work together. While creating a product cocktail can be an amazing way to experiment with your strands, it can also cause your products to cancel themselves out. You can test your products to see if they're compatible with a very simple test. Take a small amount of the two products you'd like to blend, and then mix them in the palm of your hand. The mixture should come back smooth and shiny. If it's clumpy, similar in texture to cottage cheese, then that means your products probably aren't going to work well together. Try out other combinations to see which work well for you.

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