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Great Products For Curly Hair Under $10

by Chelsea Castonguay
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When it comes to curl care products, less is more when it comes to what you might spend. Many curlies use multiple products to keep their hair well balanced and healthy, so it helps when you can find products that work well without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a curly with years of experience or are just figuring things out, there are plenty of choices for great, low cost products.

As I Am Coconut Co Wash: Cowashing is the way to go when you need to cleanse your curls but don’t want to commit to a full shampoo. This product will remove residue and buildup without damaging delicate curls or stripping them of moisture. Get it at Target for $7.99

Oyin Hand Made Grand Poo Bar: This gently cleansing shampoo bar has no detergents, which makes it a great choice for curlies. The moisturizing oils and butters like castor, shea, and coco work together to give you clean curls without removing necessary oils or moisture. It also has a lovely, mild citrus scent. Find it on Amazon.

Ren Pure Coconut Whipped Leave In Conditioner: This product is super light and moisturizing, making it a great choice for all types of curly hair. The coconut oil easily absorbs into curl strands, and it’s free of yuckies like sodium chloride, sulfates, dyes, harsh salts, parabens, and gluten. Find it on Amazon for $7.59

True Intense Treatment Masque: Not only is this product a steal (it goes down to $5 on Black Friday) it’s also made with all natural ingredients. The shea butter, honey, coconut and mango all work together to provide a luscious, moisturizing experience for dry, stressed curls. Your curls will thank you for this one.

Wonder Curl Get Slick Hair Smoothie: This product is loaded with healthful, organic ingredients such as coconut and castor oils, which work to rehydrate dry curls. The castor oil helps protect curls and keeps them from becoming overly stressed or damaged, as well as promotes growth.


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