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Give These Oils A Try For Softer, Smoother Curls

by Chelsea Castonguay
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Give These Oils A Try For Softer, Smoother Curls


Are you feeling like winter has your curls dry and frizzy? If so, you're not alone! The dryness of winter can make curls difficult to manage. No one has time for rough strands. So to help you out, we've complied this handy guide of oils to use on curls. Give these oils a try for softer, smoother curls. Most of these oils are easy to find, and have multiple uses. You and your curls are sure to love them.

As an added bonus, these oils are also Curly Girl Method friendly! So don't be afraid to lather them on to enjoy all the benefits while still staying true to the method.

Give These Oils A Try For Softer, Smoother Curls


Not all oils are great at moisturizing. Some merely lay on the shaft of the hair without penetrating it. The following oils, however, are great for penetration and moisturizing.

Coconut: One of the most commonly used and effective oils. It offers moisture without pulling strands out of their natural shape. It can also be used on your face, as well as your skin, as a hydrating treatment.

Sunflower: A less often used, but still effective oil that works great on lots of curly types, as it's relatively lightweight.

Olive oil: This oil is tad heavier, making it a great fit for curly girls with thicker, kinkier coils. It can also be used to moisturize your hands on those cold, dry days.

Avocado: This oil is chock full of vitamins and minerals that curls just love. Your strands will be left shiny and easier to style after using this oil. It's also fairly lightweight to it works great for finer curls.

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If you're looking for an oil to seal in moisture, consider these selections. While these oils aren't useful in regards to moisturizing, they do work effectively to lock moisture in.

Jojoba: A heavier, but slick oil, this will coat your thick, kinkier coils to keep moisture locked in, and banish frizz. It also will help keep tangles at bay.

Shea butter: While this isn't an oil, it often gets mistaken as a moisturizing treatment. Shea butter does not penetrate, and sits on top of your strands. Therefore, it makes a great compliment to a moisturizing oil.

Flaxseed: Often used as a gel, flaxseed can lock moisture in. This is a great choice for all curly types, as it isn't excessively heavy.

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