Even more of the best moisturizers for natural curls

Does anyone know curl care better than naturalistas? We don’t think so! One of the best ways to figure out which curl care products are great for you is by checking out various blogs and suggestions by other curly hair influencers. Blogger IrieDiva compiled this list of even more of the best moisturizers for natural curls, and these are a few of our favorites. Don’t forget to tell us which ones you like best!


Even more of the best moisturizers for natural curls

Avocado Body Butter Raw Fresh Natural Cold Pressed :
Avocados are great for more than just your morning toast! They are loaded with healthy fats and minerals that are absolutely amazing for helping to moisturize your curly hair. Using this regularly, or mixing it into your other products, makes a great moisturizer and sealer you can use regularly on your curls.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Lavender :
Adding lavender to this product only takes it to the next level. JBCO is fabulous for helping grow out your curls, and maintain an overall healthy scalp. It’s a lighter oil, so it works great for a lot of different types of curly hair. You can use to moisturize, seal, and massage into your scalp for curl growth.

Cantu Tea Tree and Jojoba Hair & Scalp Oil :

This is another oil that works really well to help strengthen your strands, and moisturize your curls. Warm it and apply it by massaging it directly into your scalp, then pull it through your curls to help give your strands the benefits. It works especially well on wet curls, to help smooth down edges or splits.

Every Strand Argan Oil Hydrate Hair Masque :

While many curly girls love making their own deep conditioning treatments at home, there are times when you just want to grab something off the shelf. This deep conditioning treatment is a great store purchase, and will help hydrate your curls, as well as makes them much more manageable.

Silk18 Natural Hair Conditioner Argan Oil :

IrieDiva has only good things to say about this amazing product. It’s loaded with healthy ingredients to help foster healthy, beautifully styled curls, and it also is suitable for color treated strands. It’s loaded with organic ingredients, and also has a pleasant smell.