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Essential oils to up your curl care game

by Chelsea Castonguay
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If you're noticing some issues with your curls that don't quite seem to be resolving, you might want to consider adding essential oils to up your curl care game. One of the great things about essential oils are that there are a variety of oils, as well as ways to customize the ones you use. By adding various essential oils to your curl care products, you can change how they work for you. Give these tips a try, and if they work well for you, make sure you let us know!

Essential oils to up your curl care game

For dandruff, try adding some drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo. Tea tree is a naturally astringent product, which can help remove the fungus that cause dandruff on your scalp. Give your scalp a good massage, and allow the tea tree to help restore blood flow to your scalp.

Sometimes, we can experience a lot of curl fall or even curl loss. When that happens, try reaching for rosemary oil. By including it with your shampoo, or using it with a carrier oil to massage it into your scalp, you can increase blood flow, remove build up or dandruff, and encourage your curls to grow back in nice and healthily. After you've gotten your curls to start growing back in, you can add lavender essential oils to your regular shampoo or scalp massages to help keep your strands growing in.

When your scalp feels dry or itchy, especially during the winter months, a bit of lemon oil can prove to be very helpful. Apply it with your cowash or shampoo, or even with a scalp massage. Not only is it refreshing to your scalp, it also smells wonderful.

If you're noticing your hair is overproducing oil, you might want to start using some peppermint oil. This refreshing essential oils can help remove build up or anything else that may be causing your scalp to become distressed. Use it with a carrier oil as part of your regular scalp massages to help remove build up.

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